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By Benjamin Wiker

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You've heard of the "Great Books"?
These are their evil opposites. From Machiavelli's The Prince to Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto to Alfred Kinsey's Sexual habit within the Human Male, those "influential" books have resulted in battle, genocide, totalitarian oppression, family members breakdown, and disastrous social experiments. And but those authors' undesirable principles are nonetheless well known and pervasive--in truth, they could impression your personal considering with out your figuring out it. the following with the antidote is Professor Benjamin Wiker. In his scintillating new booklet, 10 Books That Screwed Up the realm (And five Others that did not Help), he seizes every one of those evil books by means of its malignant middle and exposes it to the sunshine of day. during this witty, discovered, and provocative exposé, you will learn:

* Why Machiavelli's The Prince used to be the muse for an extended record of tyrannies (Stalin had it on his nightstand)
* How Descartes' Discourse on technique "proved" God's lifestyles basically via making Him a production of our personal ego
* How Hobbes' Leviathan ended in the assumption that we have got a "right" to no matter what we want
* Why Marx and Engels's Communist Manifesto may well win the award for the main malicious ebook ever written
* How Darwin's The Descent of guy proves he meant "survival of the fittest" to be utilized to human society
* How Nietzsche's past solid and Evil issued the decision for a global governed exclusively via the "will to power"
* How Hitler's Mein Kampf was once one of those "spiritualized Darwinism" that debts for his genocidal anti-Semitism
* How the pansexual paradise defined in Margaret Mead's Coming of Age in Samoa became out to be a construction of her personal sexual confusions and aspirations
* Why Alfred Kinsey's Sexual habit within the Human Male used to be easily autobiography masquerading as science

Witty, surprising, and instructive, 10 Books That Screwed Up the area bargains a brief schooling at the worst principles in human history--and how we will stay away from them within the future.

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There is not one tradition among all people, but many incompatible traditions among wildly dissimilar people. Indeed, there seems to be no underlying common human nature at all, for "the very same man with his very own mind, having been brought up from infancy among the French or the Germans becomes different from what he would be had he always lived among the Chinese or among cannibals" (Part I I) . The more we look at the great thinkers, so Descartes tells us, the more confusion we find. The more we examine the traditions of our own country as compared to those of other countries, the more everything seems to be relative.

This is no harmless man-animal. It is a sad truth that human beings remake their societies according to the image of humanity they fashion for themselves. And so it is no accident that modem man-animals troll for sexual prey, convincing women that paradise is sex without strings and making institutions and laws for the dis­ posal of children. We have become Rousseaus. Despite Rousseau's grandiose praise of Roman virtue, he had a string of mistresses, some married, some not. He sired five children with one of them, Therese Levasseur, with whom he lived for more than twenty-five years and whom he treated as a mere maid (she delivered his torrid letters to other mistresses) .

And ... " To make matters worse, Descartes then claims that it must be the case that his ideas, "insofar as they are clear and distinct, cannot fail to be true " because they too come from God. Therefore, God exists, because Descartes can imagine Him, and all Descartes' clear and distinct ideas are absolutely true, because God put them there! I pray that readers can see the foolishness of this reasoning. I can think of a man or woman who is more perfect than any I've ever met. Does that mean either of them necessarily exists?

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