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By Harold R. Raymond

ISBN-10: 0585089701

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ISBN-10: 1571671625

ISBN-13: 9781571671622

One hundred and one drills, geared up through place, for constructing the talents and methods necessary to the Wing-T offense. Thorough motives, diagrams and training guidelines accompany every one drill. Covers quarterback, operating again, offensive line, and finish drills, in addition to agility and velocity drills.

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Equipment Needed: Two large blocking dummies. Description: A center and two guards are positioned on a designated line of scrimmage. One dummy is placed over the center, the other over the tackle position. On the coach's signal, the center and frontside guard lead post block the dummy on the center and the backside guard pulls across the center and traps the dummy over the tackle. The backside guard takes a short step with his inside foot, then adjusts tight to the lead post on his second step, which gets his head upfield and puts him in a good position to trap.

The coach calls cadence and the tight end releases off the line while the defender tries to jam him. He uses a swim or lower shoulder drive technique and switches between inside and outside releases. The coach should check all aspects of the end's release technique. Page 80 Drill #68: Open Tight End Drill Objective: To teach the techniques used to get open in the underneath hash area. Equipment Needed: Three large blocking dummies, footballs. Description: A quarterback is positioned on the right hash mark of a designated line of scrimmage.

Equipment Needed: Four cones, footballs. Description: Four cones are placed at the corners of a ten-yard square. Players maneuver around the cones in a ''bow tie" shape, making two 45-degree cuts off each foot. Coaching Point: Players should begin this drill at a slow pace and increase their speed as their proficiency improves. Page 57 Drill #45: Catching Drill Objective: To improve players' catching ability. Equipment Needed: Footballs. Description: The ends are divided into pairs. Players face each other at a distance of five yards and throw the ball sharply back and forth, aiming at the numbers, over the head, and at either knee.

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