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By Jerry Sandusky

ISBN-10: 1571670874

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A compilation of drills designed to advance and increase all easy abilities for linebacker play. Well-illustrated in an easy-to-understand sort. comprises warm-up drills, stance drills, flow drills, tackling drills, laying off blockers drill, run security drills, and go dashing drills.

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If the signal is up, the linebackers must jump up and swing their arms overhead. , up) position. After a sufficient number of movements, the coach commands "go," which is a signal to the linebackers to do a forward roll and sprint past the coach. Coaching Points: While in the up position, the linebackers should remain in a good movement position with their feet moving in short, choppy steps. Page 24 Drill #14: Lateral Start Objective: To teach linebackers the proper techniques for initiating lateral movement.

Coaching Points: Proper tackling techniques should be emphasized. Page 28 Drill #18: Change of Direction Race (Lateral Race) Objective: To evaluate and improve a linebacker's ability to quickly change directions. Equipment Needed: None. Description: The linebackers stand facing the coach with their near foot on a line. On a hand signal from the coach, they run laterally, keeping their shoulders square to the coach until they touch or cross a line of five yards five times (a total distance of twenty-five yards).

Description: The coach has the linebackers spread out in one or more lines facing him. Using a hand signal, the coach directs the linebackers to laterally slide one step in the direction he points. They then come to a complete stop and assume their proper defensive stance. Next, the coach again signals for the linebackers to laterally slide one step either in the same or the opposite direction. After a predetermined number of slides, the coach then points straight ahead to signal the linebackers to sprint as fast as they can past him.

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