George Matthew Karl's 101 Offensive Basketball Drills (Coaches Choice) PDF

By George Matthew Karl

ISBN-10: 0585076235

ISBN-13: 9780585076232

ISBN-10: 1571670785

ISBN-13: 9781571670786

An entire number of the main an important offensive basketball drills. Covers conditioning, ball-handling, screening, passing, taking pictures, fast-break, lay-up, submit play, offensive rebounding and out-of-bound drills. every one drill is defined intimately and diagrammed. training guidelines are integrated for max effects.

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The ball is passed back and forth between the players and is not allowed to touch the floor. Once the ball arrives at the other basket, X3 shoots a lay-up. X1 and X2 stop at the elbow of the lane. After receiving passes from X4 and X5 who are positioned outside the baseline, X1 and X2 shoot a jump-shot. X3 rebounds his own shot and takes the middle as X3, X4, and X5 straight line fast break in the other direction. The basic goal is to try to make 100 baskets (total of lay-ups and jump-shots) in four minutes.

Description: The players form two lines facing each other approximately four to six feet apart. The first player in one line passes to the player opposite him, who takes one dribble and passes to the next player in the opposite line. The drill continues with the players alternating hands on the dribble for 30 seconds. The players then form a circle and practice behind-the-back passes around the circle. After one revolution, they reverse directions and use the other hand. Alternate-hand and around-the-body passes are practiced in a similar fashion.

The emphasis should be on quick execution and sharp movements; however, the players should not sacrifice precision for haste. Page 52 Drill #39: Three-Pass Team Shooting Drill Objective: To enhance conditioning levels; to practice shooting, passing, catching, and offensive rebounding in a competitive atmosphere. Description: The drill begins with X1 under the basket in a rebounding position with the ball. X1 hits X2 with an outlet pass and slides into a post position. X2 dribbles to the same side and passes in to the post.

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