101 Receiver Drills by Stan Zweifel, Jake Olsen PDF

By Stan Zweifel, Jake Olsen

ISBN-10: 1571671919

ISBN-13: 9781571671912

That includes new chapters on second-level free up drills and complex catching drills, this up to date version of a hundred and one Receiver Drills is designed to augment the basics, talents, and methods fascinated with potent receiver play. The booklet additionally comprises drills for warm-up, route-running, break-point, desk bound and flow catching, operating after the capture, and blocking off. each one drill is illustrated with a diagram and comprises unique training guidelines.

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Description: At a preferred distance the receivers should form a line perpendicular to the goal post. One by one they will run directly at the goal post and make a sharp square-out cut (not a roundhouse cut). The square out should be made by cutting a half yard before the goal postat a spot marked by an objectand then bursting off the cut to catch the ball. The receivers should avoid contact with the goal post. Coaching Point: When running the route, the receiver should place great emphasis on planting his inside foot, pushing off with the toes pointed slightly inward, and always flexing the knees on the full-speed cut.

The passer stands 12 yards away from the receivers. As receivers progress, this drill can be run at full speed. Page 90 Drill #72: High Glance Drill Objective: To teach the receiver how to catch a high ball. Equipment Needed: One net. Description: A receiver will run in place and be positioned four yards from the net. The passer will throw the balls high and in front of the receiver. Ten passes should be thrown to the left, and 10 should be thrown to the right. The receiver should catch the ball with his thumbs together and then catch, cap, and lock away the ball.

Description: Two or three defensive players should stand around the receiver and wave their hands in his vision, gently bump him, tip the passed balls, and generally bother him. The receiver should position himself about 15 yards from the passer. The defenders should not be allowed to catch the ball. Page 75 Drill #57: Pillow Drill Objective: To emphasize catching the ball when a defensive player makes contact. Equipment Needed: One air dummy. Description: Three players participate in this drilla passer, a harasser, and a receiver.

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