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There isn't any higher, quicker, or more advantageous strategy to achieve out and seize an audience's recognition than the adroit use of humor. An apt, well-timed funny story can soothe the adverse, concentration the bored to death, and the spur at the enthusiastic.

In this newest assortment from Robert Orben, grasp of the one-liner and fountain of humor for the nice television and stand-up comics, are accrued over 2500 brief, appropriate, and sharp laugh-getters which may simply be extra to speeches, lectures, displays, or informal dialog. prepared into numerous hundred different types for ease in choice, the subject material is topical--ranging from acupuncture and pollution to women's liberation and X-rated videos. lots of the jokes are one-liners that movement with a snap and a sizzle that anecdotes and long tales lack.

Here you can find openings and closings for speeches, plus random and particular remark beneficial to somebody who has ever been known as upon to "say a couple of words." a fabulous instrument for audio system, writers, and performers, Mr. Orben's most up-to-date ebook also will supply hours of laugh-filled studying for everyone.

Note from the uploader: those jokes should not humorous.

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Short but sweet. And it gets the point across. Nad :) PS I think it's good you left out the part about all your tardies. No one in the real world cares about tardies. Just at OUR &$%^ work place does anyone keep track of how late we are. com> Subject: The Letter Yeah, but do you think he'll even get it? From what I can tell based on the people I've talked to so far, this Max Friedlander seems to be taking the role of playboy artiste to brand new heights. In fact, I can't believe he's never hit Page Ten before!

How could she be so blind? Can't she see he isn't any good for her? I mean, look what he did to poor Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City. com> Subject: Reality check Mel, I hate to break this to you, but Sex in the City is a fictional program. You might have heard already that there are these things called TV shows? Yeah, they are fictional. What happens on them in no way reflects on real life. For instance, in real life, Sarah Jessica Parker is married to Matthew Broderick, and so whatever Chris Noth's character did to her character on her show, it didn't actually happen.

It doesn't make any sense. Besides, if you feel that strongly about it, just tell them you have an ear infection and can't get in the water. Jeez. I don't get you dames. I really don't. com> Subject: Your Little Problem Darlings: I couldn't help but overhear your little tete-a-tete in the Ladies just now. I was otherwise occupied, or I would have joined in (we really ought to talk to someone about how narrow those stalls are. Fortunately, Jimmy--you know, the new fax boy--is quite surprisingly flexible, or we never would have managed ;-) First of all, Mel, sweetheart, Max Friedlander did not have just any old picture in the Whitney--which you would know, if you ever ventured out of Blockbuster long enough to take in some real culture.

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