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By Gao J.

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In the case of sub-elliptic operators the sum may become an infinite series, as in the case of the Grushin operator. 9 Heat Kernel at the Conjugate Locus If the points x0 and x are conjugate, there is a smooth variation with geodesics of the same length with fixed endpoints x0 and x. Consider the space €x0 ;xIt D fc W Œ0; t ! t/ D x; c geodesicg: Each element of the above space contributes to the propagation of heat between x0 and x. x0 ; xI t/ D S. / e d . /; €x0 ;xIt where d . / is the volume measure obtained by a limit process from Vk .

T; x/ might be represented as an integral formula rather than being an elementary function. The following computation holds in the case of an elliptic operator and uses a series expansion for t small. A parametrix expansion can also be found in [84]. x0 ; x/t k ; which approximates the volume function locally for t small, as a correction to the Euclidean volume element. 2 t/ n=2 m t 0: recursively for small t. x0 ; x/. x0 ; x0 / D 0, j D 1; : : : ; k. In general, solving the above system is as hard as solving the generalized transport equation.

Scl / depends on both x and t is L D 12 x@2x . The following discussion applies to the domain fxI x > 0g, where the operator is elliptic. t/ D x. First we solve for p. 9) 34 3 The Geometric Method yields pD 1 ; s0 C 12 s with s0 2 R. , no heat propagates in the negative semi-axis, a fact which agrees with the domain fxI x > 0g considered before. t/. This will show that the geodesic between x0 and x within time t is unique. Setting s D 0 and s D t, we arrive at the system x0 D e C s02 ; Ã Â 1 2 C xDe s0 C t : 2 The elimination method provides s0 D t p 2.

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