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By Wendy Olmsted, Walter Jost, Charles Altieri, Don H. Bialostosky, Wayne Booth

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A significant other to Rhetoric and Rhetorical feedback deals the 1st significant survey in 20 years of the sector of rhetorical reports and of the perform of rhetorical thought and feedback throughout various disciplines. The contributions are written through major students from quite a few various fields and feature all been particularly commissioned for this quantity. They specialise in particular works, difficulties, or figures, pursuing conception and feedback from an engaged and functional viewpoint. the quantity additionally contains an outline of rhetorical traditions, supplying examples of rhetoric from precedent days to the current day. Designed to be obtainable to quite a number scholars and students, A significant other to Rhetoric and Rhetorical feedback elaborates in interesting methods simply what it ability to ''think like a rhetorician.''

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What is sometimes overlooked in discussion of Plato’s treatment of rhetoric in Gorgias is that he not only decries oratory, but also denounces the very deliberative process itself and the context of democratic politics within which it operates. For this reason he dismisses even Athens’ most revered statesmen, like Pericles and Themistocles, as mere panderers to the mob. Plato’s grounds for the rejection of rhetoric and the elevation of philosophy are well known and need not detain us. What is perhaps worth pointing out is that even in the dialogue where he is viewed as softening his dismissal of rhetoric he does not alter his stance on deliberation.

Patey, D. (1984). Probability and Literary Form: Philosophical Theory and Literary Practice in the Augustan Age. New York: Cambridge University Press. Plato. (1961). ). Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Poulakos, J. (1983). ’’ Philosophy and Rhetoric 16, 35–48. -P. (1956). , pp. 223–40). New York: New American Library. Scott, R. L. (1967). ’’ Central States Speech Journal 18, 9–17. Waterlow, S. (1982). Passage and Possibility: A Study of Aristotle’s Modal Concepts. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

The dilemma of leaders like Diodotus and Archidamus is that if they maintain the integrity of their oratory they risk failing to defeat their demagogic opponents. 10 On the basis of his portrayal of Athenian democracy in events like the debate over Mytilene, it would be wrong to conclude that Thucydides either favored the Spartan model of government or, like Plato, believed that political deliberation should not take the form of oratorical debate. As noted above, he shows the same destructive potential at work in Sparta and, indeed, this view is reinforced by his juxtaposition of Athenian decision-making about Mytilene with the Spartan destruction of Plataea.

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A Companion to Rhetoric and Rhetorical Criticism by Wendy Olmsted, Walter Jost, Charles Altieri, Don H. Bialostosky, Wayne Booth

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