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By Jasper Griffin

ISBN-10: 0511166044

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This useful consultant to The Odyssey introduces scholars to a textual content which has been primary to literature for almost 3,000 years. supplying a precis of the poem and studying its constitution, Jasper Griffin essentially outlines the harmony, values and methods of the poem, in addition to the explanations for its longstanding charm. scholars will realize the basic topics of loyalty and betrayal, and should be guided throughout the narrative of Odysseus' adventures, as well as a valuable consultant to extra studying. First version Hb (1987): 0-521-32804-7 First version Pb (1987): 0-521-31043-1

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They meet Agamemnon and Achilles and converse with them. Agamemnon describes the funeral of Achilles at Troy. Odysseus goes to his poor old father Laertes, who is living rough. After a false story, he reveals himself. The kinsmen of the Suitors meet and plan vengeance. Athena and Zeus plan lasting peace on Ithaca. There is a skirmish, in which a few of the kinsmen are killed: Athena makes peace. 9 Translating Homer ‘Traduttori traditori’, ‘translators, traitors’, says the Italian proverb. To translate poetry at all inevitably involves loss, and what is lost is all too often the specifically poetic element.

It was reached at a certain cost: ‘in the luscious feast themselves they lost’, ‘drank oblivion’, ‘the human form divine’, ‘still cursed with sense’, and the whole of the last line: all this is essentially added by Pope to the barer and less rhetorical narrative of Homer. The last line, particularly, is in the style of Ovid and utterly un-Homeric. Yet, after all, Pope’s version is a poem, and a fine one; and if a Frenchman, say, were to ask us whether he would get more impression of Shakespeare from a translation into French prose or from a free rendering into good French verse, it would not be obvious, surely, that the former is the right answer.

We do not know what are the limits of a great oral composer, and it is misleading to think that we can get at the truth by guessing at probabilities. It was not probable that a poet should appear in England, in the 1590s, who could write Lear and Henry IV and A Midsummer Night’s Dream: both the extent of Shakespeare’s superiority over the other dramatists of the time, and the range of his output, are far beyond anything which a prudent man would have predicted for the English stage at the death of Christopher Marlowe.

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