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By Daniel Carter Beard

Иллюстрированная Энциклопедия знаков, сигналов, жестов и символов.

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125. TIRE. ENGINE. rough spiral in a an enclosed magis- 126. A house. ) Fig. 127. Tents. ) Fig. 128. Bridge. ) BOAT BOAT Fig. 129. Boat. ) Fig. 130. A boat. ) shiPo R Fig. 131. ) A ship or schooner, SIGNS OF INANIMATE THINGS >-J ' ig. STEAMBOAT A 132. steamboat. ) Fig. 132H. t Submarine. ) 133 184 A a rORL-5" A Fig. 133. T"R F F tree, tree, rude form of with a shadow. ) Fig. 134. Three trees with two over them, sign of a forest. ) A STONE. Fig. 135. A stone. ) and are thereand it has been found convenient to place them on this list where they more properly belong then they do among the animals.

I am lost, (Apache 46 AND SYMBOLS SIGNS, SIGNALS Fig. 64. Whenever you hear in the woods three reports of a gun at regular intervals about as you would count 1-2-3, you must give it your immediate attention. In the NorthMt. McKinley region and west, at Alaska hunting ground, Mr. Belmore Browne tells me they fire the three shots and then three more shots to be sure to attract attention, HELP? but in other localities, usually three shots are sufficient to call for help, and more is a waste of ammunition w hich must be conserved under such T circu mstances We cannot be too careful in regard to our ''trouble" signs, for life often depends upon making them understood; so keep the number 3 in your mind as always meaning danger, trouble or a cry for help and as a sign that should be recog- nized ^_^ IN by all woodsmen.

To go. A point to left. ) spiral with Command arrow to come back. ) HALT? Fig. 34. A sign taken by vagabonds from the ancient books of magic, a Stop! command to stop, to halt. ) A -0 MOLD YOUR TONCrUE.! diamond admonishes Fig. 35. to you keep quiet, hold your tongue. ) Fig. 36. 88 BC. I GOOD A cross. A hint to be With tramps this means, good. them a religious talk and they give will give you food. ) SIGNS, SIGNALS 30 WORK FOR Foon AND SYMBOLS ' TW 37< ancient book of magic and used by tramps to tell where they can get food by working for I I I YOU MAY CAMP MERE.

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American Boys Book of Signs, Signals and Symbols by Daniel Carter Beard

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