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By Bruce Sheiman

ISBN-10: 1101082275

ISBN-13: 9781101082270

A new perspective.

Defending faith as a cultural establishment within the face of resurgent atheistic suggestion. for hundreds of years, the theism-atheism debate has been ruled by way of positions: stringent believers devoted to the "yes, there's a God" argument, and atheists vehemently pushed to repudiate not just God, but in addition faith as a cultural establishment. to this point, this is often the 1st and simply mainstream e-book during which a nonbeliever criticizes atheism and affirms faith. An Atheist Defends faith persuasively argues that faith is overwhelmingly helpful for humanity, whether God exists, in accordance with a brand new paradigm of 10 affirmative dimensions that make up non secular event. It additionally places to relaxation the speculation that faith is at the back of lots of the world's sectarian violence through displaying that faith turns into evil while it's politicized. Readers will examine they don't have to be fundamentalists to be believers, and in regards to the price and advantages of faith itself.

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