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By Casim Abbas

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This publication offers an advent to symplectic box concept, a brand new and demanding topic that is at the moment being constructed. the start line of this concept are compactness effects for holomorphic curves tested within the final decade. the writer provides a scientific creation delivering loads of heritage fabric, a lot of that is scattered through the literature. because the content material grew out of lectures given by way of the writer, the most target is to supply an access element into symplectic box conception for non-specialists and for graduate scholars. Extensions of yes compactness effects, that are believed to be actual through the experts yet haven't but been released within the literature intimately, replenish the scope of this monograph.

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Hence there are two possibilities for the 4 Let H be a subgroup of a group G. Then NG (H ) := {x ∈ G | x −1 H x = H }. 46 1 Riemann Surfaces Fig. 16 Possible shapes of φ(V˜ ) covering transformation group: Either it is a finite cyclic group or it is infinite cyclic, in which case q would be the universal covering. Recall that DV˜ (π) ⊂ D(π) which consists of isometries of the hyperbolic plane acting without fixed points. Hence a generator α of DV˜ (π) is conjugate by an isometry φ either to P ± : z → z ± 1 or to T : z → e z.

Then (S, h) is isometric to some pair of pants. Proof The surface S is diffeomorphic to a sphere with three items removed where an item is either a point or an open disk. 63 implies that for every p ∈ S 2 \S we can find a neighborhood V ⊂ S 2 such that V \{p} is isometric to C := z ∈ H | Im(z) ≥ K > 0 /{z ∼ z + 1}. We call the set ∂C a horocycle around p. 2 Riemann Surfaces and Hyperbolic Geometry 53 Fig. 19 The surface S0 and geodesics connecting the boundary components • all geodesics intersecting ∂C orthogonally converge to the puncture (in the Euclidean metric).

Then all geodesics starting at the point i with unit speed are given by γ (t) := aiet − b biet + a where t, a, b ∈ R, a 2 + b2 = 1. 2 Riemann Surfaces and Hyperbolic Geometry 23 (c) Passing to the disk model of the hyperbolic plane show that all geodesics starting at the origin with unit speed are given by t → z0 tanh 2t where |z0 | = 1, hence expi z = 1 z tanh |z| 2|z| which is a diffeomorphism from C ≈ T0 D to D. (2) Since δ(t) is a geodesic parametrized by arc length we have d(i, iet ) = t. The distance formula delivers the same result for p = i, q = iet .

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