Download e-book for iPad: Ancient Blood (Warhammer Novels) by Robert Earl

By Robert Earl

Pushed out of the Empire, nomadic feral vampires make an epic trek in the course of the Black Mountains looking for their historical fatherland, blind to the vampires relations that path them as prey.

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Gloha is the single creature of her variety in the entire international of Xanth, the gorgeous offspring of an opportunity mating among a harpy and a goblin. As she grew to womanhood, she questioned the place the place she may locate the only real love with whom she may possibly proportion her life.

So, obviously, she units off to discover the nice Magician Humfrey to invite him for a solution to the riddle of her heart's wish. yet Humfrey, for mysterious cause of his personal, propels her as a substitute on a dangerous quest looking for fact, friendship, and, simply probably, happiness.

Magician: Master (The Riftwar Saga, Book 2) by Raymond E. Feist PDF

He held the destiny of 2 worlds in his palms. ..
Once he used to be an orphan referred to as Pug, apprenticed to a sorcerer of the enchanted land of Midkemia. . Then he used to be captured and enslaved through the Tsurani, a wierd, warlike race of invaders from one other world.
There, within the unique Empire of Kelewan, he earned a brand new name--Milamber. He discovered to tame the unnimagined powers that lay withing him. And he took his position in an historical fight opposed to an evil Enemy older than time itself.

Robin Hobb's The Golden Fool (The Tawny Man, Book 2) PDF

Prince Dutiful has been rescued from his Piebald kidnappers and the court docket has resumed its general rhythms. yet for FitzChivalry Farseer, a go back to isolation is very unlikely. notwithstanding gutted by means of the lack of his wolf bondmate, Nighteyes, Fitz needs to absorb place of abode at Buckkeep and resume his projects as Chade's apprentice murderer.

Inked - download pdf or read online

by Eric Smith

ebook, 217 pages

Published January twentieth 2015 by way of Bloomsbury Spark

Tattoos as soon as have been an act of uprising.

Now they make a decision your future the instant the mystical Ink settles lower than your dermis.

And in an international the place Ink controls your destiny, Caenum can't break out quickly adequate. he's able to run from his kinfolk, and his ally Dreya, and the house he has identified, simply to have an opportunity at a call.

But while he upsets the very Scribe scheduled to offer him his Ink on his eighteenth birthday, he unwittingly units in movement a sequence of occasions that sends the corrupt, magic-fearing govt, The fort, after him and people he loves.

Now Caenum, Dreya, and their reluctant spouse Kenzi needs to locate their approach to the Sanctuary, a mystery city the place people with the reward of magic are secure. alongside the best way, they research the reality at the back of Ink, its darkish origins, and why they're the one ones who can cease the Citadel.

Eric Smith takes you on a high-octane myth experience, excellent for a person who has dreamed of being different… basically to find that destiny is greater than epidermis deep.

Advance compliment:

"INKED is an action-packed learn with a hero i may root for, magic i wished to have, and a shiny delusion international to again all of it up. Smith's prose had me turning pages well beyond my bedtime. " - Susan Dennard, writer of anything unusual & DEADLY

"A fast moving page-turner from Eric Smith choked with magic, secret and mayhem. " - Kristi Helvig, writer of BURN OUT

"With a full of life forged of characters and an enthralling notion, INKED attracts its readers right into a global the place magic lives on each web page. " Kat Zhang, writer of The Hybrid Chronicles sequence

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Of course, worshipping a titan is dangerously close to the kind of behavior that vexes the gods — but then again, so is wizardry. PRESTIGE CLASSES EXISTING PRESTIGE CLASSES 38 The prestige classes listed in the DMG can all fit into a Hellenic fantasy game, although some may take considerably more work than others to dovetail neatly with the genre. The following are a few suggestions for matching these prestige classes with archetypes that fit the mood and feel of the Bronze Age myths. • The arcane archer should probably be stripped of its elven and half-elven racial restrictions.

Of course, with some work, these prestige classes can be altered to fit settings that don’t rely on Greek myth. The feral maenad, for instance, may work well in any setting with a wild god of beasts, simply by adding a cult who seeks to tap the beast through the power of intoxication. The anointed of Styx may be tied to a particular magical spring or river in the campaign world, while the sun-chosen should work well for any game world where a sun god uses a missile weapon. As always, let the needs of your setting and your players be your guide.

Timeless Body (Ex): At 10th level, the anointed of Styx no longer takes ability score penalties for aging and cannot be artificially aged. Any ability score penalties he may already have incurred from old age remain in place; bonuses still accrue, and the anointed of Styx will still die when his time is up. 6 RELICS & RITUALS: OLYMPUS BLESSED OF AEOLUS Aeolus, king of the winds, is one of the demigods who dwells not on Olympus, but rather in the world of mortals. From his island home of Aeolia, he rules over the four winds — Boreas the North Wind, Zephyros the West Wind, Notus the South Wind and Eurus the East Wind.

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